Virtual Emerging Adult Women’s Group

Inviting six to eight adults (ages 18+) who identify as female and are seeking a safe, therapeutic group to aid in navigating the world. Each week discussion topics will vary based on group interests. This group will be open; new clients may join at any time.

Common Topics

Dating During a Pandemic
Healthy Relationships
Setting Boundaries
Developing Independence
Learning to Self-Advocate

Health & Wellness
Life & Social Skills
Navigating Anxiety
Becoming a Strong Woman
Emotional Regulation
Self-Confidence and Self-Appreciation

How much is it?

$20 per session payable at the beginning of every month. The group meets 4 weeks a month ($80 in full).

When is it?

Thursdays at 5:30 pm, meeting weekly for one hour.

Who will be there?

Lauren Horton M.S. is facilitating this group with the desire for women to have an empowering and supportive network to process life’s challenges. The connections built are intended to foster healthy habits, find joy and community, and balance priorities in life.

To meet Lauren, click here to schedule a free 15 minute conversation.

For more information, please call or text: (717) 449-6239 or email .

New groups will be formed for different times and days to meet demand, so if Thursday evenings do not work for you contact Lauren to let her know you are interested and when would work best for you.