Cheryl Sornson

Cheryl Sornson


Cheryl Sornson on Psychology Today

Everybody struggles or gets stuck in their life at times and may need support. I am a practical, energetic, and experienced guide for those struggling and/or stuck. I base my work on the importance of human connection and creating a “safe place” for people to share. Laughter and mindful presence are essential therapeutic ingredients.

I use a wholistic approach to each client. Using an eclectic form of therapy drawing from cognitive-behavioral, applied behavioral analysis, positive psychology, life coaching, and solution focused perspectives. Most of all my empathetic style and flexible use of therapies provides hope, healing and a positive therapeutic relationship with each client.

I have supported students, parents, and families for two decades as a School Counselor and Psychotherapist. I am also a nature enthusiast and athlete. I incorporate an attitude of reverence towards a healing process that includes an overall wellness approach. We are a sum of our whole being.