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Diane Schulz


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I recognize the importance of creating safe spaces and do so with an energy of warmth, validation and humor. I support clients from a healing-centered approach to identify goals, manage stress and process traumatic experiences through enhancing communication, somatic (body-focused) techniques, mindfulness and other creative practices for self-reflection and self-regulation. I recognize that processing grief or pain are important aspects of growth and that we can be more responsive and vulnerable without collapsing. As a collaborator on your healing journey I approach our work together with genuine curiosity and open-mindedness.

I have experience working with children, young people, adults and families who are healing from childhood/developmental trauma, intergenerational trauma, and historical trauma. I am also adoption competent and trained in supporting families who are navigating foster care, adoption journeys, family crises, physical/sexual abuse and neglect. I celebrate consent, pleasure, healthy forms of aggression, responsive parenting, a connection to nature, practicing self-compassion, being present and adaptive with boundaries. I believe that healthy relationships, and social support systems are essential to wellness. I seek to be inclusive, LGBTQIA+ affirming and sex/body-positive. I emphasize the importance of community and reciprocal relationships and use a therapeutic framework to assist folks in understanding how their daily lives are impacted by sociocultural systems.

Through an eclectic approach, I integrate a variety of methods including: strength-based, Attachment Theory/Internal Working Models of Attachment, Relational, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Lifespan sexual health, Narrative Therapy, Holistic Wellness and Trauma-Informed Mindfulness, Systems, somatic process, Polyvagal Theory and the Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics (NMT). I have background in education, facilitation, group work, sexual assault advocacy and community organizing where I have honed my skills and can incorporate my experiences during

About Diane

Diane (she/her) is a Master’s level counselor based in Lancaster, PA who
received her graduate training from Widener University and the University of
Pennsylvania. Diane is also educated in the Neurosequential Model of
Therapeutics, lifespan sexuality and sex therapy. Diane is a certified yoga and
mindfulness instructor.

Provider Identities
Cisgender Woman

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