Lisa Skema

Lisa Skema


Lisa on Psychology Today

Does it ever feel like life is just passing you by? Sometimes everyday problems and responsibilities start to steal your joy. You might feel anxious, depressed, or just stressed out. When you’re not at your best mentally, it can negatively affect your work, personal life, and relationships. Fortunately, counseling can make a difference. I help people overcome everyday struggles, so they can return to a life that’s worth waking up for. Through developing new coping skills, you can learn to handle unavoidable problems a bit easier. Anxiety can decrease, depression can lift, and you can feel more empowered to live your best life.

Many people become so focused on meeting the demands of others that they forget who they really are, and what’s important to them. Perhaps you want to spend more time with your kids, or you wish you had the courage to pursue your dreams. No matter what you’ve been missing, you can still find and return to these values that really matter.

Therapy doesn’t have to be all about what’s wrong with you. I teach people how to build on their natural strengths. By embracing your full self, you can begin to appreciate and enjoy life again. You can live your life with purpose, rather than just surviving it. Call to set up a free consultation to get started. We can take the first step together.